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The ETL scheme helps UK businesses and the public sector to make greener energy choices. It’s free to use and backed by the Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. As one of the world’s largest databases of energy-saving technology, it provides easy access to around 8,000 tested and stringently assessed energy efficient products.

Looking to purchase energy efficient products or get impartial advice on making energy savings? Simply search, find and compare products to get in-depth information and details of manufacturers or suppliers. 

Want to get your products independently accredited and verified for energy efficiency? Check the ETL energy-saving criteria, register to make an application, and get listed for free.

Why use the ETL?

Around8000 energy efficient products

Top 25% most energy efficient  products in the market in their class

Independently verified government backed and impartial

Free to use and get listed

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Improving the energy efficiency of energy-related products is key to the UK’s Net Zero journey, as acknowledged within the Government’s Product Policy Framework. The ETL scheme supports this by encouraging the purchase of more energy efficient products for UK businesses and the public sector.

With high energy prices, worries about energy security and the cost-of-living crisis, many UK businesses are looking to energy efficient products to help save on running costs. That’s where the ETL can help. 

Purchasers – get a go-to source for energy efficient products and impartial advice to help on your journey to Net Zero. 

Manufacturers – get your energy-saving technology accredited and listed on the ETL for free. 

It is:

  • simple and straightforward to use
  • kept up to date with new innovations and technologies
  • regularly updated and aligned with government best practice
  • connecting manufacturers and purchasers of energy efficient technology
  • always evolving, as new categories are introduced and products that no longer meet the ETL criteria are removed. 

How the ETL can benefit you


The ETL can help you save on running costs by providing free, impartial support and information for you to easily compare product features and performance. Whether choosing the right equipment now or in the future, or simply learning more about your options, use the ETL to help inform your purchase decisions.

  • It’s a free to use, one-stop resource, featuring around 8,000 energy efficient products.
  • Detailed information and contact details for suppliers and manufacturers allows you to easily evaluate and compare products across multiple categories to understand how, when combined, they can increase energy savings.
  • Government-backed and impartial, the ETL independently verifies products and is open and transparent about how it researches and creates its criteria.
  • Products listed represent the top 25% most energy efficient in the market in their class. 
  • All products align to the latest Government policies and are associated with industry best practice.

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Listing your products on the ETL ensures they are aligned to the latest Government policies, associated with industry best practice, and within the top 25% most energy efficient in the market in their class.

  • The application process is simple. Check the ETL criteria for your product categories, register, and get listed – all for free.
  • The ETL gives you access to markets where Government Buying Standards (GBS) specify the ETL for procurement purposes.
  • It is an additional sales channel that benefits from its own marketing and advertising. You can include your own images, website link and contact details – extending your reach to potential purchasers.
  • Get access to use the ETL mark for listed products in your marketing materials and sales channels, providing assurance for purchasers. 
  • You can also suggest new technology categories to be added through a New Technology Proposal form.

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