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Register to use the ETL API

The ETL API lets you add the ability to find energy efficient, ETL-listed products to your own websites and applications. All of the data available on the ETL product search service is available via the ETL API, including product features and images and the ability to search and filter products.

The ETL API is accessed over HTTPS and returns data in JSON format. The reference documentation details the endpoints and response formats.

The ETL API is free to use. You must register for an API key to use the API. After you've registered we'll send your API key to you by email immediately.

Knowing how you're planning to use the API will help us ensure we provide a stable, reliable service to you and your users. It also helps us prioritise new features based on the types of applications the API is being used for. If you're able to, please let us know which API features you're planning on using and estimated user numbers.

By registering to use the ETL API, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions (opens in a new tab).