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What is the Energy Technology List?

A Government-backed scheme offering advice, support and information on energy efficient products for businesses and the public sector. The ETL is aligned to the latest Government policies, provides manufacturer and supplier details, and allows you to easily evaluate and compare products – ensuring you can see how you can increase energy savings.

Why purchase ETL listed products?

Top 25% of the market for energy efficiency in their class

Updated regularly with high-performing, energy efficient products

Independently verified government backed an impartial, all products are tested and stringently assessed

How can you benefit from the ETL?

Whether purchasing for yourself or procuring on behalf of businesses or the public sector, browse around 8,000 independently tested and stringently assessed products that can help save you energy and money. 

Business and public sector

The ETL provides information and resources to help businesses and the public sector to make considered environmental purchases through impartial advice. The scheme can help you through:

  • Easy access to detailed, in-depth information on energy efficient technologies that meet Government Buying Standards (GBS).
  • Performance and product features that are easy to compare so you can see the associated cost and energy savings.
  • Guidance on sustainable energy sources and energy efficiency to help inform your decisions.


Easily evaluate, compare, and source products across multiple categories. The scheme supports you with:

  • An up to date list of energy-saving technology with detailed and in-depth product information. Contact details for manufacturers so you can ask them questions directly.
  • Access to our API which brings the list to your own in-house websites and apps. It's free to use and includes product features, product images, and a search and filter function.


Products listed on the ETL are future-proofed and the scheme provides easy access to them and their performance efficiency data. You can expect:

  • A one-stop resource of the latest energy saving technologies.
  • Future-proofed products that are aligned to latest Government Buying Standards (GBS) and policies.
  • Aggregated data and information to make evaluating energy efficiency easier. 

Technology categories at a glance (20)

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How does the ETL align with the Government’s Net Zero targets?

Improving the energy efficiency of energy-related products is a key element on the journey to Net Zero, as acknowledged within the Government’s Product Policy Framework. The ETL scheme supports this by encouraging the purchase of more energy efficient technologies so that businesses within the UK can make greener energy choices that support the journey towards Net Zero.

How often is the list updated?

New products are added within 24 hours following approval. Products may be removed from the list for different reasons, for example if a product is no longer being sold in the UK and the manufacturer wishes to remove this from the list. For those products removed since 1st April 2017, the removal date appears on the list. A separate downloadable list of products removed before 1 April 2017 is available.

How often are the individual product criteria reviewed?

The product criteria are reviewed at least once every four years. For products with a faster rate of innovation, the review period can be shortened.

How do I get the API?

The ETL API lets you add the ability to find energy efficient, ETL-listed products to your own websites and applications. All of the data available on the ETL product search service is available via the ETL API, including product features and images and the ability to search and filter products. You must register for a free API key to use the ETL API. After you've registered, we'll send your API key to you by email immediately.

Is the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) still available?

No, the Enhanced Capital Allowance was removed in 2020. However, you may be eligible for Annual investment allowance (AIA) through which you can claim on most plant and machinery up to the AIA amount. You can read more about AIA on GOV.UK.

Who manages the ETL?

The ETL is managed by the Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (formerly BEIS). ICF manages delivery of the scheme, including marketing and communications. Ricardo delivers the technical assessments of product applications and operates the annual Research Programme.

How much does the ETL cost to use?

There is no cost – it’s free to apply for accreditation, list your products, and use the ETL.

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