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Breezair Cooling System at Nifco UK limited

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Breezair Cooling System at Nifco UK limited

Nifco UK Limited, a manufacturer of plastic components for automotive manufacturers, created cost and energy savings through the ETL.

Seeley International's cooling system created cost and energy savings for Nifco

Nifco UK Limited, a manufacturer of plastic components for automotive manufacturers, brought about significant cost and energy savings by procuring high performing products listed on the ETL. Nifco UK Limited are part of the wider Nifco Group who operate from more than 35 sites worldwide. The company invests in the design, development, and manufacturing of quality components for the global automotive Industry.

Due to rising temperatures at their Durham site, especially during the summer months, staff at Nifco UK Limited were feeling uncomfortable in their work environment and the company reacted quickly to resolve the issue. Improving the thermal comfort of the site first posed a great challenge to Nifco as the power supply of the factory was limited and power upgrades were expected to cost in the region of £500,000.

The specialist company Ambient HVAC analysed the building’s heat load and suggested the installation of the ETL listed Breezair evaporative cooling system by Seeley International. Where a conventional centralised HVAC unit would cost between £ 1.58 million to purchase and install, Seeley International’s Breezair evaporative cooling system cost only £290,000. Furthermore, the operational costs of a conventional unit were estimated to be £216,000 per annum, whereas the Breezair system costs were a fifth of the price at £43,200 per annum.

As a result, Nifco installed 28 Breezairs and 10 extraction fans in their factories. The uncomfortable indoor summer temperatures that regularly hit 35°C were reduced to 24°C, improving thermal comfort as well as employee well-being and productivity. Jim Bell, plant engineering manager at Nifco UK Ltd said:

“Stale warm air is now extracted and replaced with fresh air leading to a more comfortable work force.”

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