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University of Reading

The university installed 72 high-efficiency hand dryers, which they identified on the Energy Technology List. These products have delivered attractive financial paybacks and energy savings.

The University of Reading created cost and energy savings by procuring high performing products through the Energy Technology List. For example, the University recently installed 72 high-efficiency hand dryers, selected directly from products listed on the Energy Technology List. These products have delivered attractive financial paybacks in terms of the energy saved. It is estimated that the 72 dryers are delivering total energy savings of £8,022 annually – calculated using Salix Finance’s hand dryer calculation tool.

Image: University of Reading's Whiteknights campus. © University of Reading

As a public body, the University of Reading does not benefit from the tax benefits of the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. However the University has used the Energy Technology List across a range of different technologies, from boilers to refrigeration units.

The Energy Technology List is an invaluable source of information for a number of reasons. It provides independent assurance of products’ energy performance, enabling direct comparisons between different manufacturers’ products on a like for like basis. This has enabled us to have confidence in procurement decisions for more energy efficient equipment, helping to make the case for large-scale investment. The periodic review of Energy Technology List criteria means we can be confident we are purchasing products at the top end of efficient products currently on the market, and we are working to formally adopt these criteria as the standard across the University.

Dan Fernbank – Energy Manager, University of Reading

Visit the Energy Technology List website to view the energy performance details of products that are eligible for an Enhanced Capital Allowance and technologies supported by the scheme.