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S100  by Dalroad Norslo Limited
Model number: LSLV0370S100-4COFDS


Dalroad Norslo Limited
Dalroad Norslo Ltd Bramingham Business Park
Enterprise Way

Email Telephone 01582 505252


Motors, Drives & Fans
Variable Speed Drives
Date added to ETL
1 December 2022
Product category
VSDs for line operated ac motors
Rating (kW)
Supply Input
Three Phase <690V
Can the product automatically vary the frequency of its output between 5% (or less) and 100% (or greater) of its AC supply, in response to an external control signal?
Can the output be matched to the torque-speed characteristic of loads with both quadratic and linear torque-speed characteristics?
The relationship between the voltage and frequency of the product's output is:
A combination of the relationships defined in Section 1.3.1 of the criteria (a) to (d)
Is the product configured for direct connection to the UK public electricity supply system, or a private alternating current supply of nominally fixed frequency and voltage?
Direct connection to the UK public electricity supply system
Is the product designed to make smooth controlled transitions between speed changes by the use of predefined, programmable, or automatically adjusted, acceleration and deceleration ramps?
Does the product have an appropriate Conformity Assessment mark or conform with The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016, and where applicable, the requirements of Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information Regulations 2021?
Yes - product has an appropriate conformity assessment mark
Product does NOT incorporate mechanical apparatus that derives its motive force from the product's variable frequency output eg: motor or fluid moving mechanism, except cooling fans/pumps

Uniclass codes

Code Title
Pr_75_51_52_94 Variable speed drives