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Stark ID  by Stark Software International Ltd
Model number: Stark ID


Stark Software International Ltd
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Energy Monitoring
Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Sub-metering Systems
Date added to ETL
15 January 2024
Product Category
aM&T sub-metering software
Does the software have some means of automatically capturing, retrieving & storing energy metering data electronically?
Does the software enable the analysis of energy metering data with reference to factors that influence energy use by means of visualising energy performance data?
Is the software able to present the user/consumer with collected data via graph or data table provided as both `on-line` visualisation or system extraction process to enable results to be used outside the system or transferred to alternative software; the data itself may be configurable for single meter or aggregation of meters where appropriate?
Is the software able to be interoperable by using published communication protocols?
Are the components (hardware and software) interoperable?
Is the aM&T sub-metering software able to automatically capture data from meters or sensors at regular intervals in order to provide energy performance indicators?
Is it able to store and process meter readings made on a half hourly basis i.e twice an hour (as a minimum)?
Is it able to automatically identify and report data collection failures, missing metering data and the failure of communications with meters, transducers, and any other system components?
Is it able to present energy consumption data in graphical reporting formats (for example, histograms, line plots, etc.), and in user selectable time intervals / divisions / bases?
Is it able to export the collected energy data in a standard format for use in other applications (for example, ASCII files or other formats commonly used by standard office applications)?
Is it able to retain a minimum of 2 complete years of metering data without loss of data resolution or accuracy, in a date/time stamped format, suitable for analysis of trends and patterns?
Does it provide facilities to enable the user to select datasets from individual meters and manipulate them by combining, comparing, and calculating in order to analyse, identify and evaluate instances of energy waste?
Does it enable the user to undertake regression analysis using two variables in whatever frequency the dataset was obtained, and to display the results in graphical form with a correlation coefficient?
Does it enable the user to set up automatic exception reporting functions that are capable of basing exception reports on the raw data profile?
Does it enable the user to set up standard management reports that enable total energy consumption to be benchmarked against performance standards during a user selectable period?
Does the product when sold as Software as a Service (SaaS) comply with the appropriate requirements from ISO 27001 on data security?
Is the software approved under BSC Procedure BSCP601 to read half hourly data from meters and devices?

Uniclass codes

Code Title
Ss_75_70_54_25 Electricity metering systems
Ss_75_70_54_30 Fuel metering systems
Ss_75_70_54_95 Water metering systems