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Energy Technology Criteria List 2021

Detail of outcome

The government has confirmed that in response to this 2-part consultation on the Energy Technology List (ETL) Scheme, BEIS will:

  • take forward the vision and future direction set out for the ETL Scheme
  • continue to work with stakeholders to further develop our understanding of user needs to improve the ETL’s effectiveness as a low carbon information source
  • make significant improvements to the content and functionality of the ETL website and materials
  • retain the Energy Technology List name for now but consider rebranding the scheme materials
  • pursue promotional activity to encourage greater awareness amongst SMEs
  • revise the terms and conditions of the Scheme to confirm that BEIS will give 6 months’ notice in the event of a decision to close the ETL
  • accept all of the changes to the Energy Technology Criteria List (ETCL) that were set out in Part 2 of the consultation

Detail of feedback received

We received 18 responses to Part 1, and 2 responses to Part 2 from a variety of stakeholders including:

  • manufacturers
  • trade associations
  • individuals
  • other bodies

Find the published Energy Technology Criteria List 2021 here.