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Futurebuild 2023

Futurebuild 2023

7-9 March

As we eagerly prepare for the coming year, the Energy Technology List (ETL) reflects on the success of its participation at Futurebuild 2023 – expanding on the benefits of the ETL and reaching more potential users. 

Futurebuild provided a dynamic platform for the ETL to engage with industry professionals and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding net-zero goals and energy efficiency. 

Highlights ranged from Prefab walls enabling rapid house construction, to children under 8 designing sustainable habitats. For three days, the ETL team had the chance to explore the latest industry innovations and discuss the future of net-zero, energy efficiency, and the advantages of the Energy Technology List. 

Hear from the Team

Tom, from the ETL team, noted the common challenges faced by manufacturers and sellers, such as navigating the complexity of making performance claims and discerning the energy efficiency of products. Visitors expressed interest in schemes like the ETL to mitigate risks associated with 'green claims' in the marketplace. 

Zara, another member of the ETL team, emphasised the importance of educating visitors about the ETL's role as a Government-backed scheme featuring around 8,000 independently verified and accredited energy-efficient products. Large-scale businesses were particularly intrigued by the ETL's API, recognising its speed and ease in sourcing verified and accredited products for procurement needs. 

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On the Horizon 

Looking forward to Futurebuild 2024 and beyond, the ETL team is excited to build on the success of the previous year and continue spreading awareness about the benefits of the ETL. We anticipate more opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding net-zero goals, energy efficiency, and the impact of the ETL.  

Join us to explore the latest advancements in sustainable construction and discover how the ETL can support your journey towards a greener future. 

Purchasers can browse the ETL here, and manufacturers can gain independent verification by registering today.  

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