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Collaboration key to promote energy efficiency

Collaboration key to promote energy efficiency

The ETL recently engaged in a highly productive meeting with Eurovent Certita focusing on collaboration and communication. Read about the discussion in their article below.

With much to discuss on promoting energy efficient and sustainable HVAC and refrigeration products, Eurovent Certita Certification and ICF met in London on the 25th January to explore shared objectives between third-party certification and the UK’s Energy Technology List (ETL).

Eurovent Certita Certification’s Partnership Manager, Ian Butler and Jennifer Preston, Marketing and Sales Development, met with the ICF’s Consulting Director, Tom Lock, and Desiree Collier, Director, Strategy & Planning, to focus on collaboration and communication, as the two organisations strive to promote energy efficient products.

Managed by ICF, the ETL holds a place of prominence as the UK’s leading Energy Technology List. The scheme helps UK businesses and the public sector make greener energy choices. It’s free to use and backed by the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. The ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of energy-saving technologies, providing easy access to around 8,000 tested and stringently assessed energy efficient products, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment, and heat recovery ventilation units.

The list functions as an easy-to-use procurement tool for energy managers, procurement professionals, facilities managers and a wide variety of other professions and organisations.

While inclusion on the ETL is free for manufacturers, for a product to be listed, it must meet the ETL’s robust energy saving criteria - typically set at the top 25% of products in the market in their class. Manufacturers are required to prove energy performance. This is where third-party certification is invaluable in providing transparent, independently verified energy efficiency data.

For certified manufacturers, there is synergy between a number of Eurovent Certified Performance programmes and the entry criteria to the ETL. The meeting covered the opportunities available for certified manufacturers to join the ETL, ways in which Eurovent Certita Certification could help facilitate applications to the list, and the possibilities for alignment on further certification programmes. With both organisations keen to promote products with proven energy performance, discussions were also had on joint marketing and communication opportunities.

Find out more about Eurovent Certita.

Certified manufacturers wishing to know more about how certification can aid entry on the ETL can contact Ian Butler for further advice.