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Manufacturer's toolkit for lighting

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Manufacturer's toolkit for lighting

Marketing and communications for manufacturers and suppliers of products that meet the Energy Technology List criteria


Manufacturers or suppliers with lighting products that meet the Energy Technology List (ETL) criteria can demonstrate that they provide top performing, energy efficient equipment.

Recognition under this UK government scheme for energy saving products is a powerful marketing and communications tool. It gives confidence to customers that products meet high energy efficiency performance criteria.

This toolkit provides you with information to share with customers to help you to make the most of the ETL:

Section 1: explaining the ETL

Section 2: promoting your eligibility

There are 3 types of lighting covered by the ETL:

  • Efficient White Lighting Units are a combination of a light fitting (or luminaire), one or more light sources, and associated control gear that have been assembled either into a single packaged unit or a luminaire with remote control gear.
  • White LED Lighting Modules for Backlit Illuminated Signs consist of a light fitting (or luminaire), one or more lamps and associated control gear within a sign
  • Lighting controls are products that are specifically designed to switch

Explaining the Energy Technology List (ETL)

Making customers aware of the nature and value of the ETL is a crucial first step in helping them appreciate the significance of your products meeting the ETL criteria. When customers choose products that qualify for the ETL, they can rest assured they are purchasing top performing products – typically the 10-25% most energy efficient products in the market.

The ETL is the world’s largest energy efficient product database of its kind. It covers 62 individual technology subcategories, in the areas listed below.​​​​

Explaining the financial benefits of the ETL

As a result of substantial overall energy cost increases in recent years, alongside increasingly stringent environmental legislation, there is continuing pressure on all organisations to focus on reducing their energy consumption and emissions in order to remain competitive.

Buying energy efficient equipment results in a lower overall spend on energy, improved cash flow and lower overheads. This is a very attractive proposition. For many organisations, energy use is often the second highest cost after staff salaries, and for some energy intensive industries it can be the highest operational cost.

Unnecessarily high energy use does not just cost money, it also results in excessive carbon emissions that further add to business tax costs. This strengthens the business case for purchasing new energy efficient equipment.

Market your products listed on the ETL

Products can use the promotional logo in connection with marketing your products (Figure 1) once they are listed on the ETL.

Qualified for ETL_RGB_digital.png

Figure 1.

Below is some approved wording you can use on your social media updates on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your product listing on the Energy Technology List. Please tag the Energy Technology List LinkedIn page when you post.

We are proud to have <Product XYZ> listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL).”

Below is some approved wording you can use in your website about your listing on the Energy Technology List.

“<Company X> is proud to have a product listing on The Energy Technology List (ETL), a government list of energy-saving products used by businesses.

With over 8,000 listed products the ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy-efficient products.

Consider embedding the ETL into your procurement processes to ensure your business buys energy-efficient products. Doing this will reduce the time it takes your business to find good quality products, and can deliver resource, energy and financial savings.

The specific products that <Company X> have listed on the ETL are as follows:

-          XXX

-          YYY

-          ZZZ”                                                                                                                  

ETL Flyer

See below details of the ETL flyer for purchasers. You can print a copy of the flyer for your customers here.

Further information

For more information on the ETL visit:

If you have any questions email