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ETL at Futurebuild 2024

ETL at Futurebuild 2024

Team Insights and Conference Takeaways

As the curtains closed on yet another successful year of Futurebuild, the ETL team reflected on the wide array of sustainable technologies on display, showcasing the industry’s commitment to innovation and net zero. Also available to us was the extensive conference programme that allowed us to attend the variety of talks focused on topics such as net zero housing, retrofitting homes, and systematic barriers to tackling climate change. Granting us insights into industry trends and the future of the built environment. 

From March 5th to 7th in the Digital Arena at ExCeL London, we engaged with industry professionals, manufacturers, and purchasers, discussing how we can work together to drive positive change with energy efficient technology. 

Futurebuild, renowned as a pinnacle event for the built environment, serves as a nexus for discussions on sustainability and the UK’s journey towards net zero. 

Tom Lock, Consulting Director at ICF, and Programme Director for the ETL Scheme, noted the upbeat atmosphere at this year’s conference: “Futurebuild felt busier than last year – the ‘buzz’ amongst attendees was palpable. I was pleased with how manufacturers responded to opportunities to film their impressions of the ETL and how they articulated what the ETL can do for their business.” 

These upcoming videos will give viewers a chance to hear what interested parties had to say about the ETL, as well as a chance to meet and hear from the ETL team. 

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Our stand served as a hub for manufacturers interested in registering their products on the ETL – and for those showcasing their ETL-listed products who were able to label their products with our ETL stickers. Purchasers also took the opportunity to learn how the ETL could help with their procurement needs, giving them access to around 8,000 independently verified and accredited products that meet the ETL’s criteria for energy efficiency. 

The enthusiasm and engagement of attendees were felt and noticed by the entire ETL team. Let’s hear from ICF’s Consultant Zara Popstoyanova, Senior Programme Administrator Punit Kumar, and Junior Consultant Todd Leddy on what stuck out to them about this year’s Futurebuild 

Zara shared her observations: “I met several people who literally couldn’t believe that this is a government backed programme and that it is free to use, so overall they were delighted to find out about it and use it.”  

Punit reflected on his fruitful interactions: "At Futurebuild 2024, I got lots of opportunities to talk to manufacturers about the ETL scheme and how it can help their products. I talked to some promising leads for future ETL applications and listings on our website.” 

The revamped ETL website has helped us address this new wave of interested manufacturers as well as potential purchasers, offering improved features such as signposting, varied search functions and FAQs.  

The team was especially impressed by the variety of visitors in comparison to last year, and the return of familiar faces. 

“There was a wide variety of visitors from universities and the academia to housing groups and manufacturers of innovative technology. The latter resulted in several conversations about the ETL’s New Technology Proposal option which allows manufacturers to submit new technology for consideration on the ETL,” said Zara. 

Todd added that "it was encouraging to meet familiar stakeholders and engage with potential ETL manufacturers. From public school boards to contractors, the interest in energy-efficient solutions was evident." 

Futurebuild 2024 served as a testament to the collective drive towards sustainable practices. The ETL remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the goal of achieving net zero. We extend our gratitude to all who joined us on this journey, and we eagerly anticipate the next iteration of Futurebuild. 

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