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Announcing the 2023/24 Research Programme

Announcing the 2023/24 Research Programme

Keeping the ETL in shape by staying up to date

Products listed on the ETL represent the top 25% of the market for energy efficiency in their class – and the latest Research Programme helps to keep it that way.

Staying on top of continually changing measurement standards helps ensure the process for applicants stays simple, streamlined and accessible. Also, the Research Programme helps estimate energy and cost savings gained from each sub-technology to help inform users’ decisions.

What does the Research Programme aim to achieve?

The ETL scheme reviews the criteria at least once every four years to ensure criteria stays up to date and ensure best practice in all areas. While the updates to benchmarks help consumers save energy and money, they also ensure purchasers of energy efficient equipment stay ahead of the game. 

These technical reviews can also fix any perceived application barriers to make the process run smoothly for new applicants. 

The criteria reviews also update the perceived cost and carbon savings through modelling, which involves predicting the future savings.

Energy prices fluctuate (and have even seen a truly significant change since the last criteria review) so the energy efficiency and cost savings will have changed as well. We’ll publish our findings in a future article, so stay tuned.

Criteria under review

  • Active chilled beams
  • Automated permanent refrigerant leak detection systems
  • Cellar Cooling
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Units
  • HVAC Building Controls
  • Master Controllers
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Refrigeration Compressors
  • Refrigerant system controls
  • Warm Air Heaters

Manufacturers and testers: get involved today

If you’re a manufacturer or tester of energy efficient equipment, then you can share information and insights during the technical reviews now as part of this year’s Research Programme that is underway until September 2023. If you are interested in attending any of the workshops that will be held shortly for each of the above energy efficient equipment, then please contact Ricardo today:

To get involved in the draft criteria consultation process as part of the Research programme, please register your interest with Ricardo today: