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Call for New Technology Proposals

Call for New Technology Proposals

Manufacturers: shape the ETL with a New Technology Proposal

The ETL currently lists independently verified and accredited energy efficient products across 62 sub-technologies. With the new wave of 2023 updates, this will increase to 67. How can manufacturers recommend new technologies and expand the list? Through a New Technology Proposal (NTP). Read on to find out how you can help shape the future technology focus of the ETL. 

What’s the process?

A business can submit an NTP to propose a new energy-saving technology for the ETL. The scheme then undertakes a market level examination of the proposal’s benefits. Initial assessment is conducted within six weeks to establish whether the proposed technology category could pass basic ETL scheme requirements. This includes assessing energy and carbon savings, identifying test standards to assess performance, and alignment with other government policy measures. 

NTPs that show the best cost/carbon saving potential get included within the scheme’s annual Research Programme along with the other technical reviews to existing criteria. This can lead to manufacturers being consulted, and scheme criteria being modelled and proposed. For an in-depth look at this process, visit the ETL website.   

Why are NTPs important?

The NTP process is instrumental to growing and shaping the ETL scheme. It has given rise to new technology families and sub-technology criteria, particularly over the last 3-4 years. Some of these are now live or are coming soon, and include: 

  • Battery Energy Storage 

  • Thermal Energy Storage 

  • Building Energy Management Systems 

  • Commercial Fans

  • Professional Combi and Convection Ovens

  • Professional Dishwashers

  • Professional Grills  

  • Professional Hobs  

  • Tank & Vessel Insulation 

  • Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems 

These inclusions are a result of NTPs from manufacturers, showing that this process is continuing to help influence the ETL scheme. Visit our products page for our full list of technologies. 

Have a new energy-saving technology that could help shape the ETL?  

Proposals from manufacturers are vital, as new categories and sub-technologies give you more opportunities to get listed and seen by more buyers – while keeping the scheme up to date with the latest in energy efficient products. The ETL is open to receiving applications year-round. If you didn’t find the technology category you were looking for, then you can be the one to propose it. Download the NTP form today from our website today. 

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