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Criteria changes: August updates

Criteria changes: August updates

2023 criteria changes: first wave

The first round of criteria changes approved from the 2022 Research Programme will affect 17 sub-technologies on the Energy Technology List. Let’s go through what’s changing, how it affects you, and what’s next.

The technology families affected

Following on from our news update last month, 16 sub-technologies will see changes to criteria, with one category being removed due to the technology being phased out. The criteria changes will affect the following technology families:

  • Boiler equipment
  • Boiler retrofit equipment
  • Heat pumps
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

As the title suggests, this is just the first wave of criteria changes to come this year. Once stakeholder consultation is complete, further waves of updates will bring changes to three sub-technology categories.

There will also be six brand new categories added, including tank and vessel insulation, thermal energy storage and battery energy storage which are coming soon. The addition of energy storage to the ETL provides a viable path towards the UK’s Net Zero goal by 2050. You can read more about energy storage in our article Energy storage and decarbonisation on the ETL website.

The consultations held during the 2022 Research Programme are part of the ETL scheme’s commitment to review technical criteria at least once every four years. The updates to criteria helps businesses save energy and money, while also ensuring purchasers of energy efficient equipment stay ahead of the game.

Why is this big news?

Over the last three years, the ETL has seen sub-technologies like efficient lighting, aM&T submetering systems and pipework insulation switch from unlisted to listed. This time, a huge category has switched to listed – air-to-air heat pumps. To read more about how heat pumps can help save businesses energy and money, check out this article on our website.

Procurers of energy efficient equipment will also be able to avail themselves of new information to inform purchases. For example, the heat pumps category will indicate whether or not the sub-technology has ‘smart features’. Boilers have also had new information added, helping you to find any in the future that are ‘hydrogen ready’.

Another key addition is the introduction of eligibility requirements covering the Global Warming Potential of refrigerants used across our technologies – notably under heat pumps and refrigeration.

Plus, more verification routes for product applications are being introduced, which provide more opportunities for manufacturers to get products listed. New routes will feature in our professional and retail refrigeration, air blast coolers, and LED lighting for signage criteria.

Are you a purchaser of energy efficient equipment? Review our list today on the products page on our website.

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