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Criteria changes for 16 sub-technologies

Criteria changes for 16 sub-technologies

Criteria reviews: changes to heat pumps, refrigeration cabinets and more

Criteria updates are approved and coming soon for 16 sub-technologies on the Energy Technology List. Read on to find out what’s changing, how the next few months will look, and what it means for manufacturers and purchasers of energy efficient equipment.

We’re going through changes

The reviewed criteria will come into effect for 16 sub-technologies across the following families:

  • Boiler equipment
  • Boiler retrofit equipment
  • Heat pumps
  • Lighting
  • Motors, drives and fans
  • Refrigeration equipment

For the first time in the scheme’s history, air-to-air heat pumps can now be listed on the ETL. Other equipment, like professional refrigerated storage cabinets, refrigerated display cabinets, and hot water boilers, are also having updates to their criteria for being listed.

Buyers of equipment across many industries are set to potentially benefit from these changes through access to procuring better, more energy efficient (and cost saving) equipment. Plus, more manufacturers can enjoy a boost in visibility for their products that are listed on the ETL.

What the process looks like in three steps

1. Reassessing any currently listed products – this process involves reviewing the new criteria and ensuring equipment already listed on the ETL continues to meet the new criteria. This is how we ensure our stringently tested and verified products remain at the top 25% most efficient in the market for their class. We will contact those manufacturers directly affected.

2. Reviewing application checklists – making sure that any new applications to the ETL meet our high standards. The criteria changes start from new applications, all the way to products that are already listed. 

3. Updating the Portal – the Manufacturer Portal has internal logic that needs to be aligned with these changes. This means that the questions that ‘gate’ access are correct and that only products that meet our higher performance threshold can pass through. This ensures the criteria updates are reflected throughout the digitised system.

Criteria reviews: a recap

The updates come from the consultations held during the 2022 Research Programme, during which criteria is reviewed and suggested changes are made. The Research Programme helps businesses save energy and money, while also ensuring purchasers of energy efficient equipment stay ahead of the game.  

Reviews to technical criteria take place at least once every four years. These changes usually cover a wide variety of areas, such as raising product performance thresholds in a bid to boost efficiencies, adding new functionality requirements to products, amending definitions, expanding product scopes, and updating test and measurement standards.

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