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Our insights from Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HRC) 2023

Our insights from Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HRC) 2023

Talking energy efficient tech at the leading hospitality event

The HRC in 2023 was a great opportunity to connect with the foodservice industry to discuss the benefits of energy efficient technology. Here’s what we learned.

Manufacturers we met

Representatives of the Energy Technology List (ETL) talked to hoteliers, caterers, and foodservice equipment manufactures from all over the world. Global manufacturers who were keen to sell and establish in the UK were drawn to the ETL, which is free, impartial and easy to use.

The Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA) expressed their support for the ETL and for manufacturers who want to undertake the process to get their equipment featured on the list.

The introduction of a Professional Foodservices Equipment (PFSE) category means the ETL is now better placed to help manufacturers of energy efficient hospitality equipment have their technology independently verified. And our representatives on the stand met with many manufacturers – big and small – who were delighted to hear the ETL provides an additional marketing channel to showcase their equipment to more people.

The buyer’s market

Many pub and restaurant owners at HRC felt that the ETL is a great resource for energy efficient equipment and associated brands. And since the list is Government-backed, impartial, and open and transparent about how it develops its criteria, it’s viewed as a trustworthy source.

With many businesses facing fast-approaching energy efficiency and Net Zero goals, the time to act is now. If you are looking for ways to save your operations energy and money, the technology listed on the ETL can help you realise your potential.

If you are purchasing equipment for businesses, don’t forget to spread the word about the ETL. It’s free to use and associates' products with industry best practices. Plus, the more efficient products your clients procure, the better their overall efficiency and savings in the long run.

What we learned at HRC

The opportunity the ETL provides is clear. Many manufacturers at HRC are now either readying their applications to the ETL, or have already submitted.

Having big names in the industry recognise the ETL shows us that the list is headed in the right direction. Some presentations at the event also highlighted that reliance on energy efficient equipment and automation in the kitchens is gathering pace, and that there are resources that can support this – and that’s another place where the ETL can help.

So, what’s next?

The recent introduction of a brand new testing laboratory means there is now capacity within the UK to test PFSE products in line with the ETL criteria. This is a crucial step to realising more product applications to the ETL.

Don’t delay – there’s never been a better time use the ETL or to get your products accredited. Purchasers can browse the ETL here, and manufacturers can apply to gain independent verification by registering today.