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Manufacturer’s guide: get the most out of your ETL listing

This guide provides advice on how to promote your ETL accreditation on your own channels and includes downloadable versions of the ETL mark.

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Getting listed is just the start

With around 8,000 tested and stringently assessed energy efficient products, the ETL is the UK’s leading Energy Technology List and one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy-saving products.

Improving the energy efficiency of energy-related products is a key element on the journey to Net Zero. The ETL scheme supports the design, availability and uptake of more energy efficient technologies so that UK businesses and the Public Sector can make greener energy choices.

Your product being listed comes with benefits that you can talk about on your own channels – and this is a guide to how you do just that.


Benefits of your ETL listing

Connect with more purchasers

Upload images with your product listing and keep your contact details up to date to drum up more sales referrals from potential buyers.


Build trust with the ETL mark

It reassures potential purchasers that your product has been independently verified and accredited by a Government-backed and impartial scheme.

It’s free to use the ETL

There’s no cost for potential purchasers to browse and use the ETL – and that’s a benefit you can shout about when marketing your own product’s listing.



Maximise your ETL listing

Ensure your customers understand the meaning and value of the ETL

Share key messages about the ETL. For example, products on the ETL meet high energy efficiency performance standards, typically in the top 25% in the market for their class. We have included some suggestions you can use below.

Highlight the benefits of using your energy-saving product

Explain the energy savings and financial benefits (e.g. lower operating costs) to your customers from purchasing energy-efficient equipment that meets the ETL criteria.

Promote your ETL accreditation

Ensure your independently verified and accredited products’ qualification for the ETL is front and centre on your marketing materials, company website, press releases and social media. When talking ETL and energy efficient tech, please include our website address and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn so you can tag us in your posts.

Use the ETL mark* when advertising your products

It provides assurance for purchasers who can be confident that your product has been tested and stringently assessed for energy efficiency – which helps combat claims of greenwashing and scepticism of environmental claims.

*The ETL mark should only be positioned alongside ETL-approved and listed products.

Your customers can get the ETL in-house with our API

With the ETL API, procurers of energy efficient tech can easily browse the list on their own websites and applications. It includes product features and images and the ability to search and filter products. Share the link to this handy guide on our website with them.


ETL messaging you can use on your own channels

Here’s some messaging you can adapt for your website and on social media to promote your product listing on the Energy Technology List.

“We are proud to have listed on the Government’s Energy Technology List, meaning it’s been independently verified and accredited for energy efficiency.” 

“Our product listed on the Energy Technology List means that it’s recognised as being within the top 25% for energy efficiency in the market for its class.”

“Our product’s listing on the Energy Technology List means it’s aligned to the latest Government policies and associated with industry best practice.”

“With around 8,000 listed products and 64 sub-technologies, the Energy Technology List is one of the world’s largest sources of top performing and independently verified energy efficient products.” 

“We are pleased to be listed on the Energy Technology List, a Government-backed scheme featuring energy efficient technologies that support UK businesses and the Public Sector to make greener energy choices on their journey towards Net Zero.” 

“The Energy Technology List provides easy access to detailed, in-depth information on energy efficient technologies that meet Government Buying Standards.”

“Our product is listed on the Energy Technology List, a Government-backed scheme featuring energy efficient technology designed to help save business and the Public Sector energy and money.” 

If you would like to include a quote directly from the ETL scheme, please contact us at:


Using the ETL mark with your products

If your product is listed on the ETL, you can also use the ETL brand mark to market your products. The Energy Technology List brand mark can be used on your marketing materials, website and social media channels.


Our logo

Primary logo

The primary logo should be used whenever possible.


Horizontal logo

Our horizontal logo is only to be used when pixel height is limited.


Mono logos

These should only be used for black and white content. 




Download ETL logo files


Usage guidance

Clear space

When positioning our logos on any application, please include a border - equal to the size of the smallest circle in the brand mark - to keep it clear of any other graphic object.


When positioning our logos with your brand please ensure there’s clear space between both logos equal to the minimum width of the largest circle of the brand mark. If you require a vector logo, please contact us at


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Does your client have an energy efficiency story to share?

Is your energy efficient technology helping buyers save on energy costs? Some businesses using the ETL have already made savings. We feature and promote stories that highlight a journey to better energy efficiency, decarbonisation and Net Zero. Read our case studies and contact us to submit your own or your customer’s today for a chance to be featured on the ETL website.


Have your questions answered today

Read our FAQs to learn everything from the background of the ETL, to the process of accreditation, benefits and more. For any other questions, email us at:


For more information on making the most of your ETL listing, contact the ETL Team directly on +44 20 3096 4800 or by emailing