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ETL Research Programme - November Update

ETL Research Programme - November Update

November Update

As part of this year's annual update process, there were 16 workshops over July, August and September, covering technical reviews and scoping studies across a range of technologies. These included heating, refrigeration, cooling, lighting, professional foodservice, energy monitoring, smart technologies, fans and compressed air technologies.

There were almost 150 attendees in total across the workshops. Attendees included representatives from a range of trade associations, professional bodies, policy makers and consumer groups such as the following: BEAMA, LIA, FEA, ESTA, BCAS, ICOM, GAMBICA, BESA, FETA, CIBSE, European Commission, BSI and Citizen’s Advice.

We greatly appreciate the participation of stakeholders, their contributions, discussions and the data submitted.

ICF are currently finalising their recommendations for criteria changes and modelling the expected carbon savings that will result from their implementation. These will be submitted to BEIS during the Autumn and they will await the response before taking any further action.

If you have any questions regarding the research programme and processes, please contact