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The latest government consultations

The latest government consultations

Featuring government consultations on lighting and boiler efficiency

In two of the latest consultations, the government is currently proposing higher Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPs) for two areas: lighting and boilers.

The aim of these changes is to positively impact overall energy consumption, in some cases affecting both domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Find out more about the consultations below.

Changes to lighting efficiency

The proposal that’s currently being considered is to change the ecodesign requirements for both domestic and non-domestic lighting products. Responsible for a significant proportion of electricity use across the country, global innovations make it possible to save on energy. The changes aim to remove the worst performing products from use, therefore reducing emissions and saving on energy costs.

In practice, the proposal explains that this would mean new MEPs of 120 lumens per watt (lm/W) for light sources placed on the market.

The plans express a proposed date of adoption in late 2023, which if actioned, could lead to a saving of 19,700 GWh of electricity by 2050. In addition, further standards are suggested to be introduced from September 2027.

Consultation on the topic will run until April 2023.

Plans for efficiency in boilers

The government is also proposing plans to raise the efficiency. The proposals are targeted mainly at domestic-scale natural gas boiler installations with a capacity of 45kW or less, however it seeks views as to whether this should be extended to boilers with a larger capacity, if deemed appropriate.

The proposed plans aim to ensure newly installed boilers are ‘hydrogen-ready’. Government documentation on the plans explain that this would facilitate a switch to hydrogen gas in the future if it were to go ahead. It also considers the role of hybrid heating systems which include a gas boiler and heat pump.

The consultation runs until March 2023.

What this means for the future

The consultations come about as part of the government’s decarbonisation objectives, as well as contributing to efforts to reduce energy bills for consumers in a time where bills are soaring.

Not only does increasing the MEPs of these products pose the opportunity for energy cost savings, but it creates wider access to energy efficient product information, which in turn helps the consumer to make more informed decisions. 

Choosing efficiency

Government consultations forecasting higher minimum energy performance standards for products not only stand to increase energy efficiency as a whole, they also create an awareness of the efficient products available to purchasers while demanding better standards from manufacturers.

Resources such as the Energy Technology List provide excellent opportunities to find access to efficient equipment, providing the right information for purchasers to make an informed decision when comparing product specifications.

Today, purchasers can use the ETL to find energy efficient versions of the equipment they need, while manufacturers can gain wider visibility for their energy efficient products by registering them on the ETL. Not only this, but with trust in business energy efficiency claims being low across the board, independent verification from a trusted source as the government goes a long way in providing assurance for customers.

Purchasers can browse the ETL here, and manufacturers can gain independent verification by registering today. You can find out more about the lighting consultation here, and the boilers consultation here.