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New look ETL website launched to make purchase of energy efficient products easier

New look ETL website launched to make purchase of energy efficient products easier

The improved website of the Energy Technology List (ETL) has been launched this week by the UK government to help simplify the purchasing of energy efficient products. A new search and compare feature will enable businesses and the public sector to quickly find verified products that can cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. For the first time users of the ETL will also be able to integrate the full list of over 8,000 qualified products into their procurement systems with the ETL API. 

Read more here for further information on the API. All of the data available on the ETL product search service will be available for free including technical information, product images and the ability to search and filter products.

A survey of over 500 SMEs commissioned by the Carbon Trust revealed that over 50% of respondents stated they wanted to do more in terms of energy efficiency. Reduced costs, reducing energy consumption and improving the environment were cited as the main benefits of energy efficiency.

The ETL is owned by the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Since its inception in 2001 it has become a trusted source of information for energy saving equipment. The launch of the improved website aims to make it easier for facility managers, energy specialists, procurement teams and installers by providing fast access to independently verified product data, with links to manufacturer websites and contact details for further product and purchasing information. Organisations can also search, filter and view images of the products, helping make purchasing decisions simpler and faster.


Jane Wilson, COO at Hildebrand said:

“We found out about the Energy Technology List when we were developing tools to help smaller businesses be more operationally efficient through analysing their energy consumption. The depth and breadth of the information available in the ETL is phenomenal - it is great to see that the APIs will now be there for companies to integrate into their energy management tools to help small businesses make energy efficient purchase decisions.”

The ETL now also incorporates the UNICLASS classification for products. This can be used to categorise and manage information within a construction project, such as costing and designing. UNICLASS codes are used in Computer aided design (CAD) software and are a requirement for use within Building Information Modelling projects (BIM). At the request of users and purchasers from the Energy Technology List (ETL), BEIS has worked with NBS to map the 140 ETL product categories against the UNICLASS codes.

These developments deliver closer integration for users of the ETL, enabling users to seamlessly select verified energy efficiency products for use within their existing procurement and designing systems.


The new ETL website can be accessed here: